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Descent Freespace: The Great War



Developer Publisher Direct3D? Software Mode? Rating
 Volition   Interplay Yes Yes 94%

Overall: I give Volition a thumbs up for creating a virtually bug free game with rich content, gameplay, and graphics. My only problem was that the game was incredibly hard, even on "very easy" skill level, and some levels are impossible to beat. I also find the lack of cheats (none at this time) to be a little bad for the game itself. The only other problem is the built in mission editor/creator is hard to understand at first for new people.

Single Player: I must say this part really excels. The gameplay is one of the best. All the details, riefings, videos, etc... make you feel as if you are really there, very immersive. Like I said above, some missions are almost impossible on the very easy mode. What I dont know is that if the creators put in cheat codes or not, if they didn't I would say that was a mistake. Other than those few flaws I find it to be very satisfying. The storyline is deep, with twisted turns. There are several videos which provide that extra kick when you need it.

Multi-Player: This category is also very well done. They created a website called Parallax Online, which has the latest patches, and where you can log in to play multiplayer, also includes rankings, and the ability to change the pilot picture, and coming soon your own squadron logo. The only flaw with multi-player is there is no dog-fighting mode against other players. This should soon be fixed with a patch. They seem to be tackling the internet's latency roblem.

Graphics: Supports nearly all 3d cards through Direct3D, Glide, etc...Software mode is pretty ok, just you won't see the special effects shimmer, or look great. All the ships, weapons, everything on screen is very detailed. Worm holes look very good, and the weapons look cool. All in all the graphics are superb.

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