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Game Magazines


Welcome to my page about game magazines reviewed. And soon to come game demos for you people to download. Click on the link below to go to my page to download a couple of demos. Or keep reading for the reviews.

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One of the best sites to download demos and read reviews, and see upcoming games. Has a lot of game. I mean a lot. Also has contests, reviews about upcoming games, and reviews about all kins of games. Also has links to shareware programs for dealing with huge downloads. Once in a while their server is busy if you're trying to download demos. Their monthly magazine is more than a whopping 220 pages or so each month, with the best demos on the cd, the latest patches, and the coolest add-ons for Quake2, Quake, Starcraft, Duke Nukem 3d, Interstate 76, and coming soon Unreal add-ons. They have been having trouble with their website in the last couple of days though. Hoperfully everything is fine now.

Rating: 94%

 Next Generation

Second Best, covers all aspects of videogames, not just pcgames. Has the latest late breaking news, and specs. On the bad side it no longer comes with a cd, so no more special movies of upcoming games, no more demos, etc.... Their server is fast though, they have some cheat codes. Their website has incredible screenshots. It also has the latest reviews and news.

Rating: 90%


Soon to come, seems to be very promising, focuses mainly on new pc games, and 3d accelerators. Updated: Has started shipping to stores and people who subscribed. I haven't received my free issue yet :( so I can't rate it. As soon as I receive the first issue and I read it I will post a review up. Worth Checking Out.


Known for their great demos on the cd BootDisc has an ok amount of demos, reviews about computer hardware and a couple of demos. Also have a little cool program called the download calculator which lets you calculate how long the download will take. Not a lot of demos though, but every year has the perfect pc for $10,000 article. Their magazine is very short though. Their website is updated every day. With reviews, the latest news, and questions, and opinon polls. Updated: Starting September Boot will be known as Maximum PC, the magazine has the same stuff except it includes much more reviews, more interviews, upgrading questions, and much more.

Rating: 87%



I'd have to say this is the not one of the best magazines. Still all in all its pretty ok. It has full games of very old games on the cd, but there is a lie in the way they say what demos are on the cd. Last Time I checked their website took a little longer than others to load. However they do have a Upgrading section in the magazine, which seems cool.


Rating: 82%

Well thats all I have know, check back later for more updates.

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