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Pointer Animation

Description and Directions: This script is really cool! It is created using DHTML and JavaScript 1.2. It is only compatible with Netscape 4 or higher. It actually animates objects around your cursor that follow it. Of course, if you are using Netscape 4 or higher you already noticed that. This one is a breeze to setup the way I have it here, but don't let that stop you. Experiment a bit, make some changes to the code (if you feel comfortable doing that) and see what effects you can get.

Step One: Just copy the following HTML and paste it into any HTML document that you want.

Step Two: You can change the color of the objects that surround the pointer by changing the bgcolor tag within the layer parameters. That is all the editing you should have to do!

That's all! Easy enough! This script is purely for show. No real functionality here but it is interesting and one can really learn a lot from it! If you decide to use this script, let us know so that we can put a link to your page as an example!