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My favorite sites!!

Welcome to my page of my favorite sites. All these sites I link to are my favorite Sites.

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Well here is my page for my favorite sites, as you guessed already. Well enjoy....


Really nice place to set up your page or site. Their server is never down. 11Megs of webspace. Plus you get a lot of things free like a guestbook, an answering machine, lots of graphics, etc.... for free.


Really fast server, lot of goodies, server is slow once in a while. Like it states "Xoom Members Get All The Rewards".


Well done site. Lets you submit to over 50 award sites automatically instead of manually. Totally free. One of my good bookmarks.


A lot of downloads, great games and links. Creator of the best browser (IE4 & and higher), great web site tools, patches, etc........


Has great previews, and reviews, cheats, links, over hundreds of downloads, question of the day, their own newsletter, and excellant magazine with cd-rom.


Well layed out. Lots of articles on promoting, designing, etc.. your page or site. Great links to other sites. Very deep in resources. They offer to review your site for free all you have to do it fill out a form and place their button on your page.





If you love music this site is for you. If you want you can download the optional DJ player which will be better, or use Realplayer 5.0. Has all kinds of music.....etc....


Really nice site if you like music, movies, etc... Plus you can order cd's and tape's from here for a very low price.


One of the best in free web-sites. Gives you 11 megs of free space for anything!!!!. Also gives lots of clipart, classic movies, downloads, and all the rewards.

Well thats it for now. I am busy so I try to update this page as well as this site as soon as I can. Come back soon and this page will be updated.