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Online Gaming

Welcome to my page on Internet Gaming sites. This page is dedicated to reviews about online gaming sites. They are real reviews and not just fake ideas or stories.

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Internet Gaming Zone

One of the really good sites for online gaming at a free price. But there is a catch, you must use Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02 or higher. Now the updated version of the Zone 4.0 WILL WORK with Netscape Navigator 4.0. Has a lot of games some which are microsoft games. Includes Many popular games Including Quake II!!!! Jedi Knight, X-wing vs. Tie Fighter, Outlaws, Monster Truck Madness2, Age of Empires, Urban Assualt, Motocross Madness, etc... Truly one of the best.

Rating: 94%


Really really good, free for almost any game, also a premium plan which includes more priveleges, ranking, etc......... Has many new and popular games including Quake2, Forsaken, It will also have Unreal when it comes out, fast server speed.

Rating: 93%


The fastest of them all. Includes many games, some new, some old, etc...Most of the people that play there are probably between intermediate-expert skills in those games, so for the newbies this isn't the place. Uses a dial-up connection instead of the internet for playing games.

Rating: 90%


Really, really good, includes games like Netfighter, Quake 2, SCUD, table sports, etc...., totally free, you have to download the software though, and register.

Rating: 89%


Brand new. Seems pretty promising. It took a while to download the graphics on my computer. I could never finish downloading the software. If anyone did finish downloading it and tried it out, I would appreciate it if you mailed me. Right now it's in Beta, so anyone can register and download the beta software.


Total Entertainment Network. They have a lot of new games and new features. They have unmoderated chats so chats usually get pretty out of hand. Their servers are sometimes slow, and playing some bandwith heavy games might crash your computer. They charge a lot of money for the same things you can get for free from any one of the services above. But if you've got the cash to burn and don't mind sometimes wlo servers this is the place for you, especially if you wanna be the first one playing multiplayer on that new game that just came out and you bought it.

Rating: 81%



It's good but you must have a java enabled browser and the shockwave plug-in found at Macromedia, Great graphics, and lots of games, but it doesn't work for some browsers, it works for IE and Netscape. Once in a long time their server is busy, or down.

Rating: 79%

Really good for small games like alien shootem ups or a cartoony basketball game or other games which are smaill and not complicated. You must have a java enabled browser in order for it to work right. Some games don't load or they load weird so you have to refresh and do it again.

Rating: 80%

Well Thats all I have right know. Am I missing one??If so mail me

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