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Welcome to my page on music. On this page you will find links to music sites, music related sites, music stores(where you can buy cd's and tapes like "cdnow"). Music searches by artist, album, or song name. Or visit CDNOW below to order tape's and cd's and movie's for a super low price. I have reviewed some sites and I have links to them.

CDNOW(click here for superlow prices on hot hits.

On my opinion, CDNOW is truly one of the best. You wanna buy a cd, a pate, or a movie well they let you with a secure server, and fast delivery. Wanna listen to samples from the album before buying well know they let you with their new Discogrphy section. they have almost any artist which is really cool.

If instead you want to do a search on a specific artist, song, or album well just use the search below, courtesy of cdnow.

Album Title
Song Title

Columbia House