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Game Reviews

Welcome to my page on Game reviews. I review games for all the new systems including, playstation, saturn, n64, PC, and arcade. This week's game is Mortal Kombat 4 for N64 from Midway. Keep reading for the breakdown and the review. At the bottom you will find info about the game and company.


Game Info

Company Platform Rumblepak supported? Controller pak supported? Rating
 Midway Nintendo64 yes yes 91%


Overall: I found this game to be a real gem. One of a kind. It surpasses all of it's brother and sisters. Despite the few flaws the game is incredible.

SinglePlayer: It has several modes of play, but not enough. Just like its brothers and sisters (mk1, mk2, mk3, Umk3, mk3 trilogy etc..) it lets you choose from 4 skill levels, fighting your way to the top. The coolest thing I found out is all the characters have their own special weapons and you could do almost anything with them. The use of stepping in and out was a good feature which lets you advoid your enemy's attack or sidestep to get a weapon or rock to throw. The game gives you enough of a challenge in the single player mode, but if you want real fun, thats when you play multiplayer.

Multiplayer: This part of the game is the most fun. There are several flaws though, there should of been an option to set the imte to how long you want it or just turn it off. I wish they had like a streets of rage mode, where you go fight the bad guys on each level, and if that was 2 player that would of totally rocked. Other than those flaws the multiplayer is the funnest , and the best part of the game.

Graphics: Quite simply stunning. Real time 3d enviroment with fully modeled 3d characters. The weapons, levels, characters, movies, special effects, and movement are all 3d.