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Welcome to my page on shareware sites. They are listed in Best to Worst order. The current best site is Tucows. I try my hardest to bring you all of the sites I know, and have looked for through search engines, links, etc.. If you think I missed a site mail me at, telling me the site name, and address.

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All I can say is it just doesn't get better than this. Updated with software almost daily with reviews, screenshots, a whole lotta mirrors, including a lot out of the US. Their servers are between the average-moderately fast category. Has shareware and freeware for Macs, Win31, Win98, Win95, and WinNT. Also they have other sites like FreeThemes, and a gaming site.

Rating: 95.5 %

One of the best, has a lot of categories, neatly organized, sometimes takes a while to load the page, owned by C|net. Has links to, and other services and sites offered by C|net.

Rating: 91.2%

This site is only for webmasters, or people want to create web pages. It is resource rich with more than a hundred downloads, a summary, new features every week, reviews of the best software. Their servers are fast, and they are categorized. Updated almost daily, also owned by C|net.

Rating: 91%

Alsmost the same as except it loads slower, not as categorized or neat. or updated so often, the summaries are 2 sentences at max., but they have new picks, popular picks, and Top picks, also owned by C|net.

Rating: 87%


 Windows Magazine

Very good, has win95 freeware, superior shareware, win95 tips, lots of downloads, their server sometimes is slow or down, but they also have BrowserTune98, All the wintune versions, and Wintune98, from the people that bring you Windows Magazine.

Rating: 86%


 Zdnet Archives

Intensive, hundreds of downloads, their server is almost never down, neatly organized into different categories, very good summary of product, from the people that bring you familypc, pcmagazine, etc....

Rating: 85.5%


Kinda confusing, good collection, don't know their server's reliability though. Kinda cool grahpics, sometimes slow. They have a lot of categories, with a search engine, and some more features.

Rating: 81%

Kinda takes a little longer for their pages to load. Ok choice of shareware, their server's reliability is unknown.

Rating: 70%

Well thats all I have now people, but if you have any different places I forgot, mail me at