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Email sites reviewed


 I Name

Kinda new, but looks promising. Choose from over 30 different address like,, fully customizable email addresses, address books, pop3 server, other goodies, free. Might take longer for some people for the page to load, registration might take a little long.

Rating: 90%



My personal favorite of all the email addresses. Hotmail provides a free basic service and a premium service. The basic service comes with your own address, an address book, folders, webcourier magazines like IGN or Spotlite delivered to your email address. Very good, lots of options, permanent email address, links to other web sites.

Rating: 92%


You don't have to have internet access to use email. Now with juno which uses a dialup connection you can always check your email and send emails with out internet access. Also the worlds oldest and largest free email service. All you need is a Windows PC and a modem. Updated: Now you can pay to send file attachments through juno or you can pay for juno as an ISP.

Rating: 89%


Once you sign up you get a lot of options including the option to change your background, unlimeted folders, your own personal @rocketmail address, and a personal address book. They're server is never down.

Rating: 88%


Very good, once you sign up for any of yahoo's services (all free) you are subscribed to all the other services too. Like YahooClassifieds, YahooChat, MyYahoo, YahooFinancials. Sometimes their mail server is down so you can't access your mail. But other than that not really any other problems. Free address book, your own @yahoo address, good navigation. Updated: Now you can get an auto reply which is great if you're away and people dont know.



Nice clean interface brought to you by the same people who bring you Excite Search Engine. You get an address like You also get an address book, four11 diirectory listing, and more. Their server is reliable and fast. This one seems to be an early contender.

Rating: 84%


New service brought to you by Imagine Gaming Network. You can have different addresses like,you also get your own customizable address book, and much more. It's pretty new so expect some changes soon.

Rating: 83%


This service has been around for a while, but I find it to be not as great as the others. You get your own cutomizable address book, an email address like, and free web site space for your webpage or website. They seem to have a lot of ads though, and if you don't read the choices when you sign up and choose you will get emails from xxx offers.

Rating: 78%



Thats all I have right now people. But it will be updated soon with much more free email services.

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