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Wednesday, September 23, 1998

It's been a tough month for me. I was unable to update because I was swamped with emails to add people's site into Shimmer's Directory. Shimmer is my 1st priority and this site is my 2nd unfortunately:(. Oh well. I have some great reviews coming up for online gaming sites, I have 3-4 reviews which I will post before the end of the week. Well not much updates, except No one seems to be using the message boards and chatrooms. I wonder if I should keep them or not. I will change the poll before the end of the week. Well thats all the updates for today.

Monday, August 31, 1998

Well today was a great day for me. I finally got to see Small Soldiers the movie. It was hilarious, if you didn't go you should definetely go to see it. I also saw Armageddon on Friday, that movie was cool in the drama/comedy/sci-fi group, it was funny though. Now moving on to the site updates, I finally got around to really updated most of the reviews, and I have updated the Awards page so you can go by there and check the awards out for this site. The reviews that were updated were Email Sites, Chat Sites, Game magazines, Internet Gaming Sites, and the Awards Page. Well that was a lot of updates, remember I still am working on my second site which is Shimmer mini-portal and directory. Remember if you are a webmaster go there to add your site to the directory and hopefully get traffic, or if you want major traffic Click here to start getting traffic like crazy to your site. I am constantly working on both of these sites and I will continue to improve both, I will not abandon either one unless I have to.

Sunday, August 30, 1998

Well I'm finally on roll updating almost every other day. I found a good program which if you have a website you should try out. Click here to start getting traffic like crazy to your site. Anyways You can see on almost every page I have a banner from I hope this doesn't slow down performance. In the next week or so I will be looking for some useful cgi scripts to use on this site. Also if you see a button that says Free hits click hereplease click there to continue to keep this site up and running. I promised to have the review of Microsoft Motocross Madness demo by today but I might not. If I do get it up by today I will announce it on the pront page on the news section. So keep up this site by clicking here.

Friday, August 28, 1998

Well the secret is out, my second site is finally under roll. You can visit it at That site is very different than this one. My second website which is "Shimmer" is a directory just like yahoo. So if you are a webmaster why not check it out and add your url, and start ringing traffic to your site. It also is a mini-portal delivering the latest news, the latest sports scores, the latest technology, health, sports, and travel news. It also has several chatrooms, message boards, instant messaging software, games, shopping plaza, and much more. I reccomend you check it out and set it as a bookmark, and maybe if you like it enough set it as your homepage. Ok away from that now, the front page has been modified to increase traffic to my site, and to tell people what my site offers so they don't turn away without knowing what they're going into. And people are finally participating in the poll. Don't be shy, participate and have fun, when the poll is finished I will tell everyone the results on the main page, and I will post up a new one which doesn't have to do with games. I will try to update more later. As for the reviews I have a whole bunch of reviews lined up just waiting to be added.

Sunday, August, 23 1998

It's been over a week since I made the last update. This time I had no choice. Because my ssyetm was infected with a huge old virus(deadly too). So I couldn't turn on my pc or it would spready like fire. Just friday I searched my anti-virus's company site(mcafee) about anything to do with that virus. I found a beta version o a scanner and cleaner for dos. After I ran that and it removed all the viruses but two which I had to delete I had to go to sleep, it was midnight by that time. So as for the updates not much, i did check the links on every page though, I got my guestbook link working again, and I made several minor adjustments along the way. I am also busy with other things. If you want to know you have to join the mailing list. After september I will only be able to update 1 once a week because school starts around september. If vacations come around I will be able to update during those times too. I just want to thank everyone who came past the entrance page to explore the rest of my site, you are the only one's keeping this site alive. I'm not in this site for any kind of profit. I will try to update more tomorrow.

Sunday, August, 16, 1998

Once again I am to be blamed for the lack of updates. Again I apologize for it. I was too busy doing other stuff. This site is important to me to. It seems I have begun to get at least 20+ people a day. Now we're talkin about an improvement. Did anyone visit my extended 321 website? If so I would like to hear your comments, please mail me at So far we have 2-3 more awards, you can view the awards this site has won and apply for one for your own site by visiting my awards page. I am encouraging people to sign up for my newsletter on my frontpage. Inside the newsletter you will find reviews of shareware and freeware programs, which game I'm going to review next, new features to the site, upcoming features to the site which won't even be announced on the new page for a while. Anyways one other thing about the traffic to this site. I also seem to notice that most people who get to my entrance page on my site, never really explore after that. I may be wrong, I'm not sure. Also my counter statistics says the only search engines bringing me traffic are Lycos and Altavista. If you are coming from other search engines or other referrer's, please mail me at I will update this site tomorrow too. If people wanted to know the reasons I was busy were: I had places to go, I had to help out my friend on his new site called Joker's Entertainment Spot, I had to create custom graphics for Teen Web(They create custom graphics for you for free.) By the way (If you are willing to volunteer please visit Teenweb and click on Help Us out). More updates tomorrow.

Tuesday, August, 11, 1998

Well it's time for more updates again. First off I am finally getting traffic. Most of it is coming from AltaVista, while some are coming from Lycos, and some from The Free Site's Link Page. My newsletter from Listbot is finally working. Please sign up to receive upcoming features at the site that no one will find out on the news page. Also I have an extended feature of my site, please visit it for free email, chat, bbs, etc...... . I will update more later.

Friday, August 7, 1998

I'm back with more news. I know it's almost 11:00pm where I live but I was playing too much deathmatch in Sin. Anyways there is a new traffic program I joined. It's called Explode. It gurantees you more than 5,000 page views. Click on the button below if you want to use the same thing for your site.

Well now I can finally update this site as often as I want thanks to my new ISP. I recommend you check them out. Their name is Tritium Network. They give you more of what aol should offer. Like fast connections, good download speeds, no busy signals, and no more of the famous disconnecting as you get in aol. And to top all of that off It's absolutely free!. No one can make a better deal than this. The only caveat is you have to have a ad running in the bottom of your screen sort of like Juno. But heyit doesn't matter. What have you got to lose?. Well anyways on to the updates. My site won the critical mass award. People can view the awards and even go to the award giver's site by clickin on the awards. You can access my award pages either using the Jumplist above or the navigational menu to the left. Soon I will have a feature that lets you send me a email straight off the site. No need for pop3, address book, etc...On my front page there's a rotating pink button, click on it for Helpful links. Those two services come from TechAid. Well thats all the updates for now. I might update some more later in the afternoon.

Thursday, August 6, 1998

Hey sorry about the interface changes. I was trying to find a good interface which I can leave a lone for at least a month or two. For the newbies or those who don't know what an interface is. An interface is like the remote control of the site. It's the site's main navigation. In this site it is actually a different frame. It may not look like it but it is. I have also changed several tags to improve my search engine rankings. I urge you to do the same thing for your page or site. 1st, use at most 100 keywords for you're site. Think how much traffic "Free clipart" can bring. Second make sure you fill in the ALT tag for all of your images. Second when putting a title put some keywords either before or after your real title. Last of all also include a description inside your tags. If you take a look at the source of this whole site you will see I have did everything like I described. Anyways I hope the new interface is good enough right now. In the mean time I am having trouble figuring out what to do with the screen inside the interface. If you have any suggestions, comments, or anything, please feel free to mail me at I will have more news later on in the day.

Tuesday, August, 4, 1998

By now you can guess this site has had a major cosmetic change. As I promised instead of updating only the high bandwith part of my site I will also update the news section and the reviews, etc.. the same time as the high and low bandwith. I also have updated the reviews including the email reviews section, internet gaming sites, my fav-sites, my links, and I promise to have a new reviews page up for gaming sites by the end of this week possibly before. I am still tryin to get my cgi scripts working(I didn't create them) but I do have a new chatroom up. Also now whenever a a review on a page is updated or new there will be graphics saying so. I've tryed every possible way to bring in traffic, but alas all those ways either failed or brought in a few people. If you have any suggestions or comments or ideas or anything then shout off an email to Well thats all for now. Stay tuned for more.



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