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Welcome to my page about chat room reviews and links.

You have two options. You can read the reviews about the chatroom sites or you can chat in my two chat rooms. Choose your option

My chat rooms

Or if you want you can read the reviews about the different chat sites.


Netcentral Chat

Very good site with good chat. Has different rooms for different catagoris like Teen Chat 13-15 or Main Hall or even private rooms. Once in a blue moon their server is down.

Rating: 89%


No nonsense chatting in 3 different rooms. It is in java but it loads pretty fast and very stable. It's like IRC Chat you you can't do no special things like html links etc..They have also partnered with Xoom which offers excellant free webhosting for your web page/site.


Excellant, although it's hard to find what people wrote because there are always a lot of people chatiing no matter what. If you signed up with YahooMail then you don't have to register again. You can put in different emotions like laugh or cry but you can't change the style or size of the font.

Rating: 84%


Okay although it offers a VIP membership or Public membership. The VIP membership lets you try it out for 30 days and you can build your own homepages and different things, but it costs money after 30 days. The public membership all you need to do is everytime you visit the site you just make up a nickname and thats it. Offers a lot of rooms, but sometimes you get bumped out of the room for nothing.

Rating: 79%


Uses java which takes a long time to load on slower modems. Offers 4 different styles, also lets you sign up for a free chatroom for your page/site which gives you full admin. control like the ability to kick users, ban users, set the topic for the room, etc....

Rating: 78.5%


Good, customizable, java. have to be over 18 to chat.

rating: 78%



Not so great. The registration takes a long time plus the chat is in java so if you click on a hyperlink while on their site it opens a new windows, which takes up system resources, sometimes causing your computer to slow down or crash if you have too many open windows. Has a lot of rooms over 15 rooms, good navigation, and great graphics.

Rating: 73%

Well thats all I have for now people, but check back very often because this site is updated every couple of days.